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Aug 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
rates, which have come with a price tag, which is why deeply red states like texas have embraced the same kind of approach eric holder talked about this week. why some very conservative politicians in washington, like kentucky's rand paul and utah's mike lee were calling for federal sentencing reform even before holder spoke up. we watched play out this week a break from the norm since barack obama became president. there was knee-jerk reaction but support from republicans, and a lot of republicans who said nothing. is it a bigger break than that even. voices in 1986 and for years after 1986 pleading with americans to rethink that law. but there wasn't much room for them in either party. modern republican party was built on being tougher than the liberal softies on the other side. democrats became obsessed with disproving that claim. it's where stiff mandatory sentenci sentencing, three strikes and you're out, where the incarceration of more than 2.4 million americans, it's where it all comes from. the question is whether we've reached a new place, whether the tougher on crime im
Aug 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
. senator ted cruz of texas, steve king of iowa, 2012 presidential candidate rick santorum and yes, donald trump. i guarantee he's not running for president. let's ignore that. it's early. the 2016 race is under way. much more on the republican side than the democratic side. we'll talk about that more in saechblthd first i want to bring in msnbc's kasey hunt at the family summit in ames, iowa. we can see the crowd has yet to fill up. very early out there, probably a time zone change. tell us who is going to be there today. we gave us a few names. what are we expecting to hear from them? >> steve, you hit on the major names coming here on the 2016 hopefuls or potential 2016 hopefuls, you donald trump, rick santorum who eked out a victory over mitt romney in 2012. but in some ways what's notable are the names that aren't yet coming out here. there was a long list of republicans who were invited but who are not actually speaking this year. rick perry, governor of texas, bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, senator marco rubio from florida. there are banner names who are likely to pop up on th
Aug 4, 2013 5:00am PDT
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Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
and kentucky to no-names like texas pan america and southern utah, you they have the same opportunity. you win the conference, you play the ncaa tournament. you win the ncaa and claim national title. every time, no matter how big or small has the same theoretical chance to win it all. what happened in march 1986, the championship game of the tvment t.a.c. conference tournament. the winner would get the automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. espn was there. the only problem, neither team playing had any business being there. central florida's record was a feeble 10 wins, 18 losses. finished near the bottom of the regular season stanldings. mercy, their opponent finished just a game ahead of central florida in the standings. ordinarily neither team would have made it to the conference championship, and to the brink of the ncaa tournament. but in 1996 a couple of accidents happened. the best team in the league was ineligible to play in the tournament, that was one, and also the other top team suffered fluke losses in the first round. basically, the bracket in the tournament collapsed and left two
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
credibility with segregationists through his years in texas. sort of like only nixon can go to china thing. i wonder how much truth to lbj taking over in '63, there wouldn't be a civil rights act in '64? >> the assassination, that shocked the country so deeply, and gave, as robert carrow says in his latest lbj book, it gave impetus to the johnson administration. then in the next 12 weeks or 16 weeks, an incredible array of legislation passed on that wave of national shock, of which this was a major component. but there were also -- bob can tell us -- one major piece of legislation after another johnson was able to get through, riding the wave of national sympathy. >> walter, how do you assess the legacies of kennedy and johnson when it comes to civil rights? >> i think the thing we're missing is the fact there was a violent reaction in the south after the march on washington. i mean, we saw violence, we saw the bombing in birmingham. so, the south exploded after the '63 march. and i think -- you think, i think lyndon johnson when he became president, i think he had two enormous burdens. one w
Aug 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
in places like texas and north carolina. i would love to see that this creates some sort of momentum that look a lot of what the problems were in the '60s, schools not integrated enough and people making equal wages. those are still problems. whether with this congress, i don't think we'll see immediate new civil rights act or anything. >> some direct civil rights action taken by obama. what is interesting about the march on washington, proposed in the '40s around the time of world war ii. one of the main goals was to get roosevelt to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against african-americans. they proposed the march and didn't end up going off and because of the threat of it, roosevelt signed that executive order. you know, that kind of issue is facing obama today. sign a similar executive order about discrimination among federal contractors and this is something obama hasn't done. some action that could be taken. i'm not sure it is going to happen. but it is possible that things can change very quickly if presidents want to go ahead and do it? >> another cli
Aug 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
to reverse what's happened in texas and looking to north carolina. i think if you look at michelle obama made this comment about hadiya pendleton is me and i was her. this is a young girl shot in chicago earlier this year and michelle obama -- a black woman. and michelle obama personalized it. it's not a huge shift but they are more willing to engage on these kinds of issues about culture, about race, and also about income inequality. obama was this community organizer. that sort of animated his career early on but the first term was very bch the economy and the middle class versus now he sounds much more liberal in terms of talking about the problem of income inequality. he said if we have more income inequality it can hurt race relations in the country, which is a bold statement and something i think he would not have said in 2011. >> is that something do you attribute it to the idea of the first term president who has to run for re-election and is just thinking of playing it a lot safer and the second term president is more emboldened and liberated? do you think something else is going on?
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)